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Our management services are based on long-term experience with EU-RTD projects, and in particular with the EU Framework RTD Program 6.

Our recent activities in collaboration with e.g. R-Biopharm in Germany, Novo-Nordisk A/S, JobMaker, Confex, Dansk Magisterforening (DM), Magisternes Arbejdsløshedskasse (MA), The State Serum Institute in Denmark, MelliTech, Grenoble, and Ecolé Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris in France, are further described under NEWS.

Our CSO has experience both as EU-proposal coordinator (2001-2005) and as EU-proposal evaluator for the Commission (2004). In 2005-2006 a formal training course in “Research Management” organized by Copenhagen Business School further expanded our research coordination competences. The CSO is research coordinator for the priority area “BioCampus” at University of Copenhagen (2005-2008).

Our CSO has IPR and Patent training and experience from membership of a Danish Patent Consortium for Biotechnology and Agro Industry (1998-2001). A formal training in intellectual properties and patentsby was obtained at the Danish Institute for IPR training (2002-2003) www.DIFI.dk

Our CSO has intensive experience with international standardisation of analytical methods from membership of the European standardisation organisation CEN. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and Good Manufactering Practice (GMP) and accreditation is also a part of our experience.

Knowledge on “strategic management and organisational dynamics” are skills of our CFO and CSO. Our CFO has international training in financial and strategic management, recently with leadership experience from one of the largest pharmaceurical industries in Danmark.

Welcome to ImmunoSigns

ImmunoSigns is a Biotech company founded in 1996. We offer you help in project management and R&D activities within biotechnology and immunodetection.

The core competance of ImmunoSigns is development and production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and design and production of novel immunoassays and diagnostic kits, especially within the clinical area of diabetes and obesity.

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