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Selected Publications

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Recent Meeting presentations:

  1. Brogren CH, Buschard K, Poussier P, and Rygaard P: Interspecies Cross-Reactivity of the Pancreatic-Islet Cell-Surface Specific Rat Monoclonal Autoantibody IC-2. Diabetologia 29 (8), A522, 1986,
  2. Brogren CH, Spitalnik SL, Shienvold FL, and Buschard K: Autoantigenic Determinant for the Monoclonal Autoantibody IC-2 Isolated from Diabetic BB-Rat. 7th Congress of Immunology, Berlin, Germany, July 30-August 5, 1989.
  3. Brogren CH, Gao WQ, Mia G, Buschard K, Bachmann MH, Contag CH, Renaut L, Carles MJ, Souyris N and Mondon P.: Development of the Pancreatic Beta-Cell Surface-Specific Monoclonal Autoantibody, IC2, for Assessing Beta-Cell Mass In Vivo. Diabetes 59, Suppl. 1, A59-A59, June 2010.
  4. Brogren CH, Engkilde K. Sørensen JØ, Wismann P, Gao W, Desai M, Mia GKA, Buschard K, Eliasson L, Bronsart LL, Bachmann MH, Contag CH, Renaut L, and Mondon P. The pancreatic beta-cell specific monoclonal autoantibody IC2 applied to noninvasive bioluminescent imaging in mice for estimating of residual beta-cell mass. What is its target? 3rd International Pancreatic Islet Symposium, Brussels, June 30-July 3, 2011
  5. Laura Bronsart, Michael H. Bachmann, Christian Stokes, Tobi L. Schmidt, Frank Cochran, Carl-Henrik Brogren, Laurence Renaut, Philippe Mondon, Christopher Contag: Genetic Engineering of the IC2 Autoantibody for Molecular Imaging of the Pancreatic Beta-Cell Mass, WMIC2011, San Diego, California, September 9., 2011.

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