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Diabetic animal model imaging of the pancreatic beta-cell mass

EU-”People” Research Training Program in Biotech and Bioethics aim to use IC2 non-invasive imaging of beta-cells mass in studies of induced chemeric immuno tolerence in animal moels of diabetes.

t-SNARE-complex beta-cell surface exposed epitopes might be involved in the functional state dependent IC2 autoantigen expression

Preliminary data with affinity crosslinking and flow cytometry indicate that proteins of the SNARE-cascade regulating the insulin excretion from beta-cells could be associated with the IC2 specific targeted epitope.

ImmunoSigns expand collaboration with medical imaging partners

A large international research consortium aim in 2009 to send a proposal to National Institute of Health in USA for funding exploring IC2 ability for clinical medical imaging by immunoPET and immunoPAT.

Review on Pancreatic Noninvasive Beta-cell Imaging highlight the application of IC2 in MRI and photoacoustic imaging

“Diabetes Studies Review”” May issue 2008, highlight some novel noninvasive imaging approaches with.

IC2 cloning funded by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

A grant from JDRF now unable DNA cloning of IC2. The project runs for two years and was initatied in September 2008.

MilleGen – a biotech in Toulouse aim to clone IC2

A consortium consisting of University of Copenhagen, MilleGen in Toulouse and Stanford University collaborate on the DNA clone IC2 and create fusion-proteins for optical in vivo imaging.

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