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ImmunoSigns expand collaboration with medical imaging partners

A large international research consortium aim in 2009 to send a proposal to National Institute of Health in USA for funding exploring IC2 ability for clinical medical imaging by immunoPET and immunoPAT.

Review on Pancreatic Noninvasive Beta-cell Imaging highlight the application of IC2 in MRI and photoacoustic imaging

“Diabetes Studies Review”” May issue 2008, highlight some novel noninvasive imaging approaches with.

IC2 cloning funded by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

A grant from JDRF now unable DNA cloning of IC2. The project runs for two years and was initatied in September 2008.

MilleGen – a biotech in Toulouse aim to clone IC2

A consortium consisting of University of Copenhagen, MilleGen in Toulouse and Stanford University collaborate on the DNA clone IC2 and create fusion-proteins for optical in vivo imaging.

Antibody-online.com negotiation for contracting marketing and sale

ImmunoSigns and Antibody-Online will will makek partnership for an international marketing and sale of IC2 in 2011. A contact is under nogotiation.

Lab-on-a-chip training course for Confex

Lecturing on miniaturized and high-throughput lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic analytical methods for Confex, Denmark.

Consulting for Tech Transfer Office A/S, Copenhagen

ImmunoSigns CSO, Carl-Henrik Brogren, consulting TTO, copenhagen on innovative cell technology.

Licensing expired for beta-lactoglobulin immunoassays

Since 1996, ImmunoSigns – previous CHB-Consult, has given license to R-Biopharm, Darmstadt, Germany, to commercialise a beta-lactoglobulin immunoassay (BLG-ELISA), especially design to measure degraded BLG in infant food formulas, and other food items. The License expired by December 2004. A new license contract on nisin immunoassays (Nisin ELISA) applicable in testing food conserved by this bacteriocin has been […]

Consulting for INSERM-Transfer and ANR, the Franch National Research Agency

ImmunoSigns CSO, Carl-Henrik Brogren, consulting for the French Inserm-Transfer and the French National Research Agency, ANR, promoting the transfer of knowledge and technologies between public laboratories and industrial laboratories to support the development of biotechnologies and their applications. Within the framework of ANR’s Biotechnology programmes, biotechnologies shall be construed broadly so as to encompass not […]

Training course on Lab-on-a-chip and microfluidic methods

ImmunoSigns CSO, Carl-Henrik Brogren, lecturing on Lab-on-a-Chip technologies and microfluidic analytical methods for Confex, Denmark on June 7, 2007.

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