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Consulting for INSERM-Transfer and ANR, the Franch National Research Agency

ImmunoSigns CSO, Carl-Henrik Brogren, consulting for the French Inserm-Transfer and the French National Research Agency, ANR, promoting the transfer of knowledge and technologies between public laboratories and industrial laboratories to support the development of biotechnologies and their applications.

Within the framework of ANR’s Biotechnology programmes, biotechnologies shall be construed broadly so as to encompass not only the field of health, but also other fields where these technologies can induce a gain of productivity or reduce harmful environmental effects.

Welcome to ImmunoSigns

ImmunoSigns is a Biotech company founded in 1996. We offer you help in project management and R&D activities within biotechnology and immunodetection.

The core competance of ImmunoSigns is development and production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and design and production of novel immunoassays and diagnostic kits, especially within the clinical area of diabetes and obesity.

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